Request a Free Vegan Starter Pack

The Vegan Starter Pack does NOT include samples, food, coupons, or stickers.

The pack includes information on how animals suffer for meat, dairy, eggs, and seafood; how meat eating affects the environment; the myth of free-range; what's wrong with leather and wool; and vegan holiday and dessert recipes. We only ship Vegan Starter Packs to the United States and Canada.

We regret that we no longer send packs to Australia.

Packs usually arrive within 10 days, however, please allow as many as four weeks for delivery.

Please do not sign up other people, this form is only for personal requests. One pack per person, please.

Enviamos los paquetes solamente a Estados Unidos y Canada. Los paquetes solo estan disponibles en ingles. Si quiere Ud. informacion en espanol, baje "Como Puede Ayudar a Los Animales" y "?Por Que Vegetariano?" por favor.

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